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(2011, 2013, 2014)

"Eighteen" is a boundary, the boundary between reality and thought, the landmark of maturity. Escape the protection of the family, step into reality and face the countless questions that are digging deep in their minds.

Choreography: NGO THANH PHUONG

Sound and music: DAO TUNG


2011 KHANH CHINH - @Korea International Modern Dance Competion.

2013 - DAO THUY THUY VAN - @M1 Contact Festival - T.H.E Contact, Singapore.


2014 - DAO THUY THUY VAN & NGO THANH PHUONG - @Daegu International Dance Festival, Korea.

@Saigon Ranger, Saigon.

@Cheongju International Dance Festival , Korea.

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