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1992-1999:  Professional Dance Education Diploma in Saigon, Vietnam.

2004-2008: Graduated at Folkwang University in Germany.


2012: Coma– Best Choreography award at the International Modern Dance Competition in Korea.


2020-now: Founder of Morua Arts Project - HoiAn, Vietnam.

2010-2015: Founder of OpenStage Project - Saigon, Vietnam.



  • Mờ âm – Exquisite noise – In collaboration with Dam Van Huynh Company - A Grant from British Council.

  • "Through the door then" - "A self self shall" is supported by Goeth Institute and Kelola Foundation.

  • ​Through the door then -  "1936” is supported by Asian Cultural Council, Kelola, Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN) within the framework of the Challenge Award 2021 and supported under the Dance Nucleus’s  ARTEFACT#2 Creative Residency



  • Full grant 6 months at Asian Cultural Council, USA.



  •  “Erasable -In collaboration with Nguyen Thuy Hang and Dao Tung -  A grant from Cultural Development and Exchange Fund of Denmark.

  • Attend the Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Japan..



  • Chronicles of a soundless dream - In collaborated with Tiffany Chung - A grant from Japan Foundation.



  • Attend at Asian Dance Festival in Malaysia.



  • Southeast Asian Choreographers Network Online #3 organized by Kelola Foundation, supported by Asia Cultural Council facilitated by Daniel Kok Diskodanny, Arko Renz, Helly Minarty.



  • Southeast Asian Choreographers Network #1 facilitated by Arco Renz and Melati Suryodarmo  (Surakarta, Indonesia).



  • How ya doin’? - International Choreography Residency at American Dance Festival (Durham, USA)

  • In collaboration with a musician at Pocantico Center (New York, USA).



  • How ya doin’? - Choreography residency from Creative Fusion Program of  Cleveland Foundation (Cleveland, Ohio, USA).



  • Mentor for Chi Nguyen - At ICG program of Goethe Institute.



  • Coach for Nguyen Huu Khang "Miền Lạc" - First Prize of Contemporary Dance at Dance Talents Competition.

  • Coach for Nguyen Ha Xuan Nguyen "" - Experimental Dancer Prize at Dance Talents Competition.

  • Mentor for C2 – Minh Thu & Phương Anh at Openstage Project of Arabesque Dance Company.

  • Mentor for Úp Mở – Hồng Sâm at Openstage Project of Arabesque Dance Company.



  • ​Coach for Dao Thuy Thuy Van "Untouchable" - Korea International Modern Dance Competition.



  • Coach for Chung Nguyen Inner Game – Korea Dance Association Award at the Korea International Modern Dance Competition.



  • Coach for Nguyen Huu Thuan “Coma- Silver Prize at the Korea International Modern Dance Competition.



  • Coach for Nguyen Khanh Chinh Eighteen – Bronze Prize at the Korea International Modern Dance Competition.



  • Movement Educator at Ho Chi Minh Dance School.



  • Through the door then - 1936 – In collaboration with an ex-prisoner (work in progress).

  • Through the door then – A self self shall–chapter 1 of "Through the door then", an experiment durational event by Thuong Le & Hoang Anh at Cab Hoi An.

  •  Better Life & Home away from home -co-creator, in collaboration with Fang Yun Lo at Hellerau Theater, Pact Zollverein



  • X project- director/choreographer.



  •  The Talks -  a dance video installation in collaboration with fashion designer Cong Tri in the “Cuc Im Lặng” Exhibition at SECC, Vietnam.

  • The Live[ing] room- as Guest performer – created by Chung Nguyen.

  • Home away from home- as a co-creator,  in collaboration with Fang Yun Lo in Taiwan and Germany.



  • "PaLao" – choreographer/director, performed by artists from Champa and Kinh ethnic groups at Lune Productions.

  • Guest performer of the community project Memento Mori in DaLat and HoiAn.



  • Project MẪU” – “THOẠI -  in collaboration with K’Ho dancer Srina Krajan who performed at the Seaphony - Đêm vô thức bản địa in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Vùng ẩn/Reallusion" - in collaboration with Chung Nguyen, Huu Thuan Nguyen, Dao Thuy Thuy Van -  a part of our curated satellite public program in response to Ly Hoàng Ly’s solo exhibition in the main gallery space.



  • I Land – a collaboration of artists from 5 countries Leeroy New (Visual, Philippines), Yasuno Miyagochi (Sound, Japan), Danang Pamungkas (Dance, Indonesia), Ming-Juin Tsai (Curator, Taiwan), performed in New York.

  • Teh Dar – a production by Lune Productions, in collaboration with TuanLe.



  • Eighteen version Duet– Attended at Daegu International Dance Festival and Cheongju International Dance Festival in Korea. Danced by Ngo Thanh Phuong and Dao Thuy Thuy Van.

  • Eighteen version solo by Dao Thuy Thuy Van at Saigon Ranger in Saigon, Vietnam



  •  “Intimacies – Interactive media and dance- in collaboration with Director Paul Smith.

  •  “Eighteen – Solo version by Dao Thuy Thuy Van at M1 Contact Festival in Singapore.



  •   Solo Eighteen  - Choreographed & performed at Openstage.

  • Channel  - Choreographed & performed with Genta Fujikawa & Luong Hoa.



  • Member of Arabesque Dance Company and Founder of Open Stage Project  until 2015.

  •  Map    -  in collaboration with with Verena Brakonier & Marine Wyl.



  • Duet Passport  -  In collaboration with Marine Wyl at “Autumn Melodies” organized by The Ballet Symphony Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City.



  • "Sorry, thanks, and sorry..." - as choreographer, performed by dancers of The Ballet Symphony Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City.



  • Duet Pair of shoes  -  in collaboration with Hoa Nguyen.

  • "Song"   - as choreographer at Ballet and Symphony Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Duet "Circle of time"- as choreographer at Ballet and Symphony Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • "Around or in"  - In collaboration with Phuong Nga to attend at The Denmark Dance Competition.



  •   Solo Bi  -  as Choreographer & Dancer at Autumn Melody in Saigon, Vietnam.

  •  "Mach doi"  -   as Choreographer at Ballet and Symphony Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City.

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