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1936 – a virtual two-channel performance on Zoom, where time warps and space bends


Staged entirely on the most popular video conferencing platform, the performance not only utilises what Zoom could offer, but also explores its immense power in connecting users and policing their experiences. 1936 comprises a series of semantic and somatic exchanges between two characters taking place simultaneously in a realm where time warps and space bends. Extracted from a myriad of conversations, personal archives and muscle memories revisited, isolated form their original contexts, then undergone a process of perpetual deconstruction and reconfiguration — what materialises before the eyes is a chaotic mass of recollections and ruminations masquerading as static screens and repetitive movements


This performance forms the second chapter in choreographer Ngô Thanh Phương’s three-year collective project ‘Through the Door then… — with the first ‘Mình Mình Thì…’ depicting human bodies and psyches under hostile surveillance and physical confinement. Such qualities seem to recede from the stage in 1936 as now both of the performers and viewers are presumably broadcasting and participating from their private homes voluntarily

Concept & constructed by: Ngô Thanh Phương

Assistant: Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên

Co-created & co-executed by: Trần Diễm Phương, Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên

Dramaturg: Linh Lê

Producer: Red

Technicians: Red, Nguyên Nguyễn, Ngô Thanh Phương

1936” is supported by Asian Cultural Council, Kelola, Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN) within the framework of the Challenge Award 2021 and supported under the Dance Nucleus’s  ARTEFACT#2 Creative Residency

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